Lady Ruth White

Lady Ruth White was the first inspiration of the Free Baha’i faith. She spent her entire life serving the Baha’i faith and in spreading the true teachings of Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l Baha. Ruth White along with the New History Society members, Mirza Ahmed Sohrab, the secretary and interpreter of Master Abdu’l Baha, Lewis and Julia Chanler worked towards spreading the faith in the United States and its surrounding countries. Hermann along with Dr. Herrigel, a founding member of the German Baha’i community, was more engrossed towards working for the faith in Germany . They taught people, the words of Bahaullah and Master Abdul Baha. However, Shoghi Effendi kept close watch on the activities of the New History Society.Fearing the increasing popularity and increase in the number of members, he gradually excommunicated the founders of New History Society. He also filed a suite against the members of New History Society trying to patent the word “Baha’i”. And by good fortune the so-called Guardian lost the case. Lady Ruth, since coming from a Christian background, went all out to preach about the Baha’i faith to popular Christians of her time. While working for the cause she even met Mehar Baba and his disciples, but unfortunately her life did not support her and while into the movement she left for the final abode.

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